Cancer Research Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (CRI SAS) is one of the oldest research organizations in the Slovak Republic. Research at the Institute is pointed to the latest topics which have an impact on understanding the mechanism(s) of cancer development, prevention, diagnosis and eventually treatment. CRI SAS is the leading organization in the field of i) immunophenotyping of haematological malignancies, ii) molecular-genetic diagnostics of cancer predisposition (colon cancer, breast and ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer), iii) molecular mechanisms of DNA repair pathways, iv) mesenchymal stem cells, and v) chemical carcinogenesis and genetic toxicology in Slovakia.

CRI SAS played the leading role in the utilization of the flow cytometry technique in the diagnostics of blood malignancies. Another pioneering role of the CRI SAS was in the molecular-genetic diagnostics of cancer predispositions (breast and ovarian cancer, FAP, HNPCC, MEN-2) which plays a pivotal role in the choice of the optimal treatment protocol. Several topical molecular-genetic methods have been established at CRI SAS and some of them have already been introduced into cancer clinics. Nowadays, CRI SAS offers expert consultancies in immunophenotyping and molecular-genetic diagnostics of cancer predisposition for many hospitals and regional medical organizations in Slovakia.

In addition, the Institute is actively participating in the education and training of the undergraduate students (Master theses) and graduated students (Rigorous thesis) and the scientists give lectures at the Universities. The Institute is accredited for teaching PhD students in two scientific programs, experimental oncology and genetics. Moreover, numerous PhD and post-doctoral students have been awarded travel grants and scholarships (ICRETT, EMBO, FEBS, AACR-NCI, Maria Curie Fellowship, National Cancer Institute Bethesda, USA Fellowship, etc.) to attend scientific meetings or to stay in outstanding laboratories abroad.

The Insitute represents a research platform that forms together with St. Elizabeth Oncological Institute - cancer hospital a comprehensive cancer center, member of the Organization of the European Cancer Institutes.

The Cancer Research Institute in Bratislava is the editor of the international journal NEOPLASMA.


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